We Are One (WAO) Festival - August 19, 2017

"Better Together"

We Are One (WAO) Music/Culture Festival brings together the Latino and African descent communites for the largest ethnic cultural festival in New Hampshire.


Connecting neighbors through food, music, dance and culture weaves the fabric of community and makes us "better together."


Building Community, Creating Connections, Better Together

Africans and Latinos have many cultural connections.

Latinos have a language bond that threads together the many diverse, national, cutural and ethnic differences that span the Latino communites in the Western Hemisphere. With many common cultural practices, indigenous and African influences makes each unique.  

Many African victims of enslavement speak Spanish due to their colonial inheiritance and many Spanish speakers are of African descent. There are also unique national, cultural and ancestral traditions from our African, European and Indigenous heritages.

Afro, Latino, Indigenous, we all know that we are "Better Together."

How To Help

This year the "We Are One" (WAO) Festival was held on August 19, 2017. This free event was open to the public and feature music, dance, food, crafts and information from community vendors and social service agency exhibitors.

You can help support this event. Email us at: ujima@netzero.com or call (603) 627-4631


WAO Festival 2017

Link to event video