We Are One (WAO) Festival - August 13, 2016

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"Better Together"

We Are One (WAO) Music/Culture Festival brings together the Latino and African descent communites for the largest ethnic cultural festival in New Hampshire. Latinos Unidos started the Latino Festival in 2000 to raise money for scholarships and Ujima Collective founded the African/Caribbean Celebration in 2001 to address issues of social isolation and cultural alienation. We know the social determinants of health are the major predictors of physical, financial and emotional well-being. Connecting neighbors through food, music, dance and culture weaves the fabric of community and makes us "better together."

Building Community, Creating Connections, Better Together

Africans and Latinos have many cultural connections. Most people don't know that only about 10% of Afrcans enslaved by the Transatlantic Slave Trade came to the U.S. Over 90% were dispersed throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America with the majority in Brazil. Many African victims of enslavement speak Spanish due to their colonial inheiritance and many Spanish speakers are of African descent. Afro, Latino, we all know that we are "Better Together."

How To Help

The "We Are One" (WAO) Festival, August 13, 2016, is a free event open to the public. We provide music, dance, food, crafts and information for your information and enjoyment with performers, vendors and exhibitors. We have performers and vendors from through the African continent, the Caribbean, and Latin America for your fun and enjoyment. This is a family-centered event. Come early, stay late. 


There are also opportunities to help make this event a success. Join the planning committee and work the magic that transforms a downtown park to a center of cultural sharing from through the African diaspora and across Latin America. There are also major donor opportunities whether it is to be a good neighbor by making a financial contribution to creating community connections or by being a vendor of food, clothing, or crafts or even an exhibitor providing information. You can provide your work, wealth or wisdom and an investment in the future of Manchester.

Partnership Oppotutnities

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