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Ujima Collective is a pan-African, anti-racist, social capitalist community group.


Click this link for a list of our current and previous programs.


Be part of the solution. Volunteer for service on the Ujima Collective Board of Directors, Advisory Board or an event committee. 

Email us at: ujima@netzero.com




Community Kwanzaa Celebration

December 30, 2017, 12-noon
2013 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03104 


African History Monthy

(February 2018 - TBD)


We Are One Festival

(2018 T.V. Raffle fundraiser link)


Emotional Emancipation Circles (coming soon)


For More Information: (603) 627-4631



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UJIMA Collective ~ P.O. Box 5932 ~ Manchester, NH 03108 ~ (603)-627-4631